Streaming music from Android with GTunes

Tuesday, October 30th 2012. | Application

Streaming music from Android with GTunes Music Downloads and Music Paradise – It is in fact two very simple app that let you search for any read music, song, song you want using the online archives. Once given you a list of results, select the song you want and can be heard in streaming and even start the download to download it.

In describing pros and cons I did not differences between apps, because they are very similar, except that the only known Music Paradise consumes a lot of battery and ram app also closed. However, it is easier to manage streaming in Music Paradise. But otherwise both are fine for their intended purpose.

To get around this, but you have to also pay. Not in the true sense, but in a subtle way, or you will suffer the annoying advertising.

While in GTunes Music Download music when you look you will have a great banner, almost half of the screen, but patience, Music Paradise will have in the notification bar, and is the worst. So if you were to compare, you know who to blame.

Streaming music from Android with GTunes download from url below :

All of this is illegal? In the contract that you do accept, it is written that the app simply search for music freely findable on the Internet. It is also clearly stated that if there should be investigations of the giude leave this all the data they have. Seems like a way to remove his responsibility, but I think that there can not worry about it.