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Wednesday, February 15th 2012. | Android APK

retro camera apkRetro camera apk, I admit that I have never been, until recently, a fan of photos taken with the phone. In fact, almost never say that I did not use the camera on my phone, because it was low quality pictures of shit. But then a pious soul, that David, last year gave me for my birthday so cool an HTC with Android Tattoo, I just upgraded to 2.3. When downloading the app I needed, I ran into rear view camera, and captivated by the idea that the small icon on my screen would be really nice, Retro camera apk.

Retro camera apk

This application lets you take photos with vintage style through 5 simulation chambers, each of which adds a different style to the photo and all can be set in color or black and white mode. Each of the four different models of camera, add different effects to photos. You can click on the details of the camera for each type of camera and select the type of photo you want to take.

When I discovered that besides having the icon is also a pretty cool, my joy was supreme. I have the free version, and I like it very well. But what rear camera?

Retro camera apk download

Now you can download Retro camera apk from android market for free
In a nutshell, is an application that lets you use the camera in a creative way. You can choose from different cameras, and each has a defined effect. I will use the only model available in house to show you some examples. (The photos are not retouched by me, doing the whole cell)

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