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Saturday, February 18th 2012. | Android APK

Neodroid android apkNeodroid android apk - Surely some of you have played and loved the cabin and Arcade games like Metal Slug, King Of Fighters and others, the legendary SNK, created for its NeoGeo platform.

Now you can relive those moments and those games, thanks NeoDroid emulator for Android. It is based on the emulator GnGeo and is a project still under construction, but the author decided to release it already on the Market.

Using it is very simple:

-Put the file of the bios ( in your rom directory (“/ mnt / sdcard / neodroid / rom”)

-Put the roms (ie games) in the rom folder (“/ mnt / sdcard / neodroid / rom”)

-It ‘compatible with the format of MAME ROMs (which you can find here)

You can download Neodroid android apk from android market Neodroid android apk Then just open the emulator and run the game.

To run it at full speed, you need an Android device with at least a 1GHz processor, although it should be able to run on slower devices, although of course the games will turn a bit ‘more slowly.

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