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Sunday, January 29th 2012. | Games APK

my paper plane 3 apkMy paper plane 3 apk - One of the most downloaded games Android is definitely the new My Paper Plane 3, a title that sees the protagonists of classic paper airplanes flying in various location.

The game relies heavily on flying this paper airplane, from there the name My Paper Plane 3, My paper plane 3 apk of course, the articulation of the game has several objectives to be achieved, which make the gameplay more immersive and especially adrenaline.

My paper plane 3 apk features here is :

  •   Dynamically generated levels.
  •   Awesome power-ups.
  •   Many fun, unique locales. (more coming soon!)
  •   Many planes and other vehicles to choose from.
  •   Exhilarating feeling of flight.
  •   Incredibly fluid motion.
  •   Easy, ultra-accurate controls.
  •   Medals and Achievements.
  •   Online Leaderboards.

Returning to features, as always, we will analyze the 3 fundamental, the first is the graphics. In My Paper Plane 3 will not find a realistic graphics but a cardboard reproduction technique that blends wonderfully with the rest of the setting and easy orientation in the various pictures that we face. We pass to the controls, even in this case we have a very good score assigned to the various factors that make the gameplay very smooth and easy learning curve for novices.

My paper plane 3 apk download

you can download from android market

Last aspect is longevity, which has been expanded slightly from the previous episodes but still did not reach the standards that we all want, the ability to access the online leaderboard, however, makes the game more exciting and playable so long as they try to climb the rankings to reach first place. We can only invite you to download this My paper plane 3 apk, or alternatively download My Paper Plane 2 (3D) for free if you do not have disposable income in this period My paper plane 3 apk.

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