Pacman android apk download

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pacman android apkPacman android apk download, Everyone knows the legendary Pacman, the little yellow ball that must eat all the yellow fruit that is within the same time escaping the maze colored ghosts? Pacman is a game that made ​​us mad to be small and still has legions of fans. Namco, creator of the game, he played a version of Pacman for Android very similar in all respects to the original, including joystick. Pacman is available for download in the Android Market, in the games section. i will show you Pacman android apk download.

PACMAN Android apk

You can put the volume On / Off
This game is not optimized for tablets, but it works on any device with Android 1.5 or higher.

NOTE: This Pac Man android apk does NOT work on the following devices:

Samsung Epic 4G
HTC Desire HD
Now you can download Pacman android apk download from android market PAC-MAN may require an update to the latest firmware (Cupcake v1.5)

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