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gps essentials apkGPS essentials apk, Do you have a single screen full control of the functions of your GPS? GPS Essentials, a free program that incorporates the ability to run a single window, for example, the compass, or clearly see the satellite Google maps! GPS essentials apk is useful stuff which provides a wide range of GPS navigation features.

The GPS essentials apk applications are enclosed in the interface: the compass, the ability to see the number of satellites attached, points of interest, the room, the dashboard and clearly Google

Room: A room HUD (heads-up display) to see the sights.
Points of interest: A list of points of interest to export or import (in KML format).
Satellites: The ability to see how many satellites are connected to our GPS.
Compass: Displays compass by the magnetism of the phone or the network.
Maps: Start of our trusty Google Maps.
Dashboard: Shows the accuracy, altitude, speed, battery life, date, distance to the goal, the latitude and longitude, the maximum speed, minimum, actual and real, the sunrise, sunset, the decline and the rise of the moon, lunar phases.

Now you can download GPS essentials apk from android market GPS essentials apk is a very simple and quick to use that will become indispensable in our Android devices!

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