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app2sd apkapp2sd apk – App2SD is an useful application that will help free up memory on your phone and move Android apps to SD card. App2SD MoveToSD and have much the same interface, and display a list of applications that are on the phone and that you can move on SD. The two apps also offer also the total system memory (and SD card) and the total available to install new applications, Android. App2SD is perhaps more complete than MoveToSD because the menu offers the option to display the apps alphabetically and also, whenever it will install an app that supports the functionality we will report it, inviting us to move on sd.

Here is some features of app2sd apk :

  • Show total internal storage and internal storage available
  • Searching for applications in the Market
  • Move applications on the phone’s internal storage to the SD card
  • Show full SD card storage and available storage
  • Open / Change Application
  • and many more..

Extreme App2SD App2SD unlike any other, because almost without using the internal memory at all and just use the sdcard to the cache and the app + ext2-formatted data is to replace the RFS format internal memory, internal memory is only in use for disposal of applications that crash. Although after Extreme App2sd installed and visible applications that have been installed in the Application Manager Internal Memory stick, but actually applications already using SDCARD and stored in the 2nd partition.

If you do not know which applications can be moved and what not, and if you do not want to lose your head trying to move the applications one by one through the normal operator Android (I assure you that very few can be moved and requires enough time to try them all), I recommend try these two apps are very similar to each other. This is App2SD and MoveToSD. These two apps we offer a very simple interface and sparse yet functional, because they do nothing more or less what their names promise to do.

app2sd apk download and it’s free to download

download app2sd apk from android market at :  don’t forget This app2sd apk application need minimum requires Android 2.2.

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